And was he even a king?

There is a well-known British Christmas carol about a good king called Wenceslas walking barefoot through the snow to give alms to a poor peasant. The lyrics were written in 1853 by British hymn-writer John Mason Neale for the 13th-century melody of “Tempus adest floridum’’ for Saint Stephen’s Day.


According to a local

People wearing face masks walking down Charles Bridge in Prague at sunrise

The City of a Hundred Spires, the Mother of Cities, and the Heart of Europe. All of those are nicknames for Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. But is this city any special and, quite frankly, worth visiting? …

Business advice from a failed entrepreneur

A smiling woman sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of her.

I’ve always known I wouldn’t thrive as someone’s employee. “I’m never going to work,” I once told my mom. I didn’t mean I was going to do nothing all my life and rely on others to take care of me. …

And have no friends.

A woman sitting on a chair in solitude gazing out of a window.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve never felt like I belonged. I’ve always had different interests, opinions, and ambitions than my peers. That’s not to say that I’ve always been an outcast or that I’ve never had a single friend in my life. …

A man sitting alone in silence in front of a lake and mountains.

Sometimes we look at our life, and we feel like nothing significant has happened. One look on social media exposes you to teenagers flexing the millions of dollars they’ve made in the past three months from their Amazon FBA stores. You scroll down and see your childhood friend getting married…

When I was sixteen or seventeen, I randomly decided I wanted to move to the UK. From that point on, living in Britain became my biggest dream. I daydreamed about strolling the streets of London, writing at small coffee shops all over the city, and calling myself a Londoner.


It seems obvious, but sometimes, we all need this reminder.

All of us are living in our own tiny bubbles, oblivious to what’s happening around us. We go through lives imprisoned in our minds, caged by our fears, and consumed by the idea of better lives. But not all of…

A man standing with his hands wide open staring upwards looking at a skyscraper.

Why you should stop quitting before you even begin.

‘Hard’ and ‘impossible’ are two distinct words. And yet, people sometimes use them as though they are interchangeable.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the word ‘hard’ means “difficult to understand, do, experience, or deal with”.

This is what the same resource says…

What if you just haven’t met the right people yet?

What If You Are Not As Introverted As You Think?

I’ve been introverted ever since I was a kid. I never understood why and nor did the people around me. I just was.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family in a small town where everyone gossips and judges each other. …

Where you come from isn’t always your home.

I’m Czech, and I’ve never felt Czech. Just saying “I’m Czech” doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t even refer to myself as Czech. To me, I’m Bohemian. Bohemia is the western part of the Czech Republic, and it’s where I was…

S. Viktorie Chladova

Writer, freedom seeker. I write for the lonely, misunderstood people who don’t belong anywhere.

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